Mocha Furniture

About This Project

Mocha has used Martin Bloomfield at Seaside Creative to visually capture our completed projects for the past two years. The results have been consistently excellent and allow us to showcase our work to potential new clients in the best possible way. Always responsive and flexible, Martin adds to the process by not just taking first class images but by suggesting new methods and techniques to show each project off  to maximise the PR value of each installation. This had led to us have time lapse video of project builds, 360 degree photos of new spaces and video fly-throughs.  We will continue to use Seaside Creative on all Mocha’s projects and I wholeheartedly recommend them.


Photos copyright: Martin Bloomfield, Seaside Creative, on behalf of Mocha Furniture – Matrix House, Basingstoke. images are at 72dpi suitable for social media and websites.