Public Relations

PR is one of the cornerstones of the marketing mix. It puts the personality into the brand and works to get into the long term memory of your potential customers. It can also be extremely cost effective when compared to advertising, although we would always say that the two work best when used as a combined force.

Seaside Creatives approach to PR

Two of the things we are repeatedly praised for are the way in which we ‘see the story’ and the integrity with which we represent our clients. Our Director, Kelly O’Haire, has a degree in PR and over the years has worked on some of the top B2B brands and also for national charities as well as for individual personalities.


Getting your message placed as editorial can be priceless. Technology has made a huge difference to the way in which PR and marketing campaigns are run, but putting the human face into any story is still one of the best ways in which to engage an audience. You might not think you have an interesting story to tell but there will be one – we promise.

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