Our Top 4 Things To Do In 2020 To Make Your Digital Marketing More Successful

4 Things To Do In 2020 To Make Your Digital Marketing More Successful. Seaside Creative marketing agency Lancing logo

Our Top 4 Things To Do In 2020 To Make Your Digital Marketing More Successful

Our Top 4 Things To Do In 2020 To Make Your Digital Marketing More Successful

It’s 2020!

Whether you’ve just started your own business, or you’re brushing up on your marketing skills we thought we’d collate our top four digital marketing tips to help make your 2020 successful.

There are so many different areas of digital marketing; which is why we’ve chosen four top tips – one for each main area of digital marketing. Social media, email marketing, pay per click advertising (PPC) and, of course, search engine optimisation (SEO).

So let’s get started…

Social media: Be consistent

This might sound a little obvious, but we see businesses posting inconsistently all too often. Note how we’ve said ‘consistent’ and not ‘constant’? Although posting frequently is important, making sure the content goes out consistently is key. Ensuring you post on certain days every week will not only allow you to get into a routine, it’ll also mean your followers will know when to expect content.

Whether you want to post twice a day, twice a week or twice a month, make sure you stick to it!


Email Marketing: Segment your mailing list

If you’ve got a small mailing list at the moment, segmenting your list may be difficult. But once you start to grow your list you’ll start to notice trends. These trends can then be organised into segments so that you can send targeted emails.
For example; if you send out an email to all of your subscribers promoting a new bag you’re selling, put a link to the bag in the email. The people that click on the link can be segmented into a separate list which means you can then re-target the people that were interested.

There are so many ways you can target consumers using email marketing, segmenting your mailing list is a good place to start!


Pay Per Click Advertising: Target your campaigns effectively

 Although most people do target their campaigns, not many realise the extent to which this can be done.
Targeting tools are now very precise, not only based on past internet activity but also geographical location. In some instances, the targeting tools will allow you to use micro-geographical focus to really hone in on the consumers you want to view your advertisement.

Ensuring your campaigns are targeted correctly will ensure that the right consumers are seeing your advertisements. In turn, this should generate more successful analytics and increased Return On Investment (ROI).


Search Engine Optimisation: ensure your business photos have ALT text

SEO has a huge stigma for being something that not everyone can do and a task only fit for a professional. But the fact is, anyone can do SEO; it is not about striving for unrealistic results. More about making small changes to the content that you upload online – whether on your website, on social media, on a blog etc. Small changes have a huge impact on how highly your website or business is ranked in the magical search engine algorithm. 


One of the smallest alterations that can make a huge difference is ensuring your business photos have ALT text. Usually found in the image settings, ALT text is primarily used for text-speech systems to describe the photo. For example; if you uploaded a photo of a black Labrador, you should include ALT text that states, ‘Image of a black Labrador’. ALT text can also be very useful for SEO; by adding ALT text you are allowing search engines to know what the image is and so they can flag the photo as relevant where appropriate to the user.

But how does that boost SEO of my business? – Include your business name within the ALT text of a photo. Having that photo optimised means there is more content online which is relevant to your business name. The more content a search engine can find about the business, generally, the higher it will rank it.

Having optimised photos will improve your website as a whole and improve user experience (UX)!


So you see, small changes to any area of your digital marketing strategy can greatly impact your results. 

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