Our Top 3 Tools In G-Suite

Our Top 3 Tools In G-Suite

Our Top 3 Tools In G-Suite

One of the most important things to have arisen from the ‘new-normal’ WFH (work from home) Culture is the value we place on making sure we are connected. Not just on the internet, but as teams and as people. For us as a small business we have discovered many bonuses from a tool we already used in the office: G-Suite.

Not to sound like the Google sales team here, but for the uninitiated, G-Suite is a suite of cloud computing, productivity and collaboration tools, software and products. These include; Gmail, Meet (was Hangouts), Calendar, Drive, Keep, Forms and Sites to name but a few. We were already sharing all our work through Drive and appointments through calendars but, now we’re apart, the value of being able to do things like edit this blog as a team while living miles apart has been immeasurable. 

Our Top 3 Favourite G-Suite Tools and How We Use Them

Google Calendar

Having a team work calendar allows us all to know exactly what each of us is up to throughout the day. If it is a meeting we are all going to, adding the location of the meetings is great as it means everyone knows where to be at what time. 

Google Calendar is seamlessly integrated with Gmail, allowing you to create events straight from an email. Google is really clever in how it scans through your email to find a date and time and offers to add it to your calendar. 

A screenshot of Google Calendar showing an event's details.Most recently, Google Calendar has been really good as a way to schedule Zoom meetings as you can insert the link for the meeting straight into the calendar. For our team meetings, we have been using Google Meet which has proven to be a great tool to allow unlimited talk time and great connectivity. Again, we add the link to the meet up into the event information so each team member can join with just one click. 

As you can see from the screenshot, Google Calendar allows you to see who’s going to be there too.


Google Drive

Possibly our most used of all of the Google tools on G-Suite is Google Drive. Not only is it great to store all of our documents, photos and videos on, but it also allows us all to share the documents we have been working on with each other. 

Having every member of the team on G-Suite means we avoid compatibility issues as everyone can open the documents in Google and edit them there too – at the same time!

The great thing about Google Drive (and the whole of G-Suite) is that each team member can log on anywhere and have all of the documents they’ve been working on available to them without having to download any software. Which has been great during the current situation as it means we can work at home without any fuss. To make working even easier, you can also access the Drive and documents on mobile devices as well as desktops. 


Just like 1.5 billion other people, we use Gmail as our email provider and it has proved to be great as it is integrated with other G-sSuite services for a smooth experience. 

As mentioned earlier, we can create calendar events straight from Gmail and it allows us all to keep our emails organised in handy threads which are then searchable using the search bar at the top. Gmail is also great for security as it  has very thorough malware and virus checking processes in place which removes more than 90% of the risk that your computer will be infected with a virus or malware through email. 

A screenshot of a Gmail pop-up window.One of our favourite features has to be that if you click send on an email that says something along the lines of ‘I have attached’ but there are no attachments, Gmail will ask if you wish to attach something before sending – very handy!


G-Suite has so many other fantastic tools that can be used by all business; no matter how big or small. In fact, Worthing Council have switched to G-Suite and they have been very happy with the security of it. 

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