5 Signs It’s Time To Outsource Your Marketing Team

Outsource Your Marketing Team

5 Signs It’s Time To Outsource Your Marketing Team

There’s no doubt that there are plenty of benefits to having your own in-house marketing team. However, in most cases, there comes a point where an outsourced marketing team can bring a new lease of life into your marketing strategies, or give you additional skills perhaps not present in your in-house team 

In this blog post, we give you five signs that it may be time to outsource all or some of your marketing. It doesn’t necessarily mean you need to hand everything over but maybe there’s a few tasks that could be done better outside of your organisation.

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1. The team is becoming overwhelmed
There are many ways your marketing team could be overwhelmed. The most obvious is that there is just too much work to do and they can’t cope with it all, making them fall behind with deadlines. However, they may also be making little mistakes and showing that they’re struggling through the quality of their work. If this is the case, it may be time to get a little extra help, even if it’s only for a few hours a week. 


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2. Campaigns aren’t being run properly
The in-house team may not be running campaigns properly simply because they do not have the skills required for the job. Perhaps someone has taken on marketing as part of another role, for example. If there is a one-time campaign that you want to run, but your team doesn’t have the right skills you could outsource to an expert for that one campaign. 

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3. Creativity is running low
Marketing is something that requires a spark of creativity to get your business’s messaging across effectively. Sometimes a team that has worked on the same material for a long time can begin to run out of ideas. An outsourced team can bring a fresh pair of eyes and come up with unthought of and inspiring ideas. 

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4. Completing day-to-day tasks with no end goal
It’s very easy for an in-house team to begin to complete marketing tasks for the sake of it. What we mean by this is you may be creating a few posts a week for your social media channel/s just to appear active online, but the overall goal for being on social media is lost. An out-sourced team can help you implement a strong strategy to ensure your marketing goals are met. 

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5. You’re disappointed with your overall business growth
Good marketing efforts should be generating strong leads on a regular basis and allowing you to grow your business. If your current marketing is not doing this, maybe it’s time to boost your marketing efforts again. A good way to do this is asking people with different marketing experience to look over your marketing strategy.


Remember that outsourcing your marketing doesn’t have to mean handing everything over. It could just be one small task to begin with to see how it goes. 

We have a variety of clients; for some we take care of all their marketing, others we perhaps only run their social media or sort out their print advertising. 

If you’re interested in having a chat about how we can help you and your marketing team, get in touch with us. We can even run training sessions to develop your team’s skills.

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