Making The Switch To A Greener Future

Making The Switch To A Greener Future

As part of the latest issue of the Worthing and Adur Chamber of Commerce’s Connect magazine, we were asked about what changes we’ve made to become more sustainable. As our answer had to be very brief, we thought we’d answer it in a bit more depth in a blog post. Stick around till the end as we have some helpful links to share with you too. 

What is Seaside Creative doing to be more sustainable?

We have a mixed recycling bin in the office.  This then gets put into a larger bin outside our office building and all building tenants help to pay for its collection. We are also conscious of our paper usage and try to make sure that no unnecessary paper gets used. We use apps like Google Keep and virtual ‘Sticky notes’ and our marketing executive, Alison, has made a full switch to making her notes digitally. She says, “It’s actually working a lot better for me as it means my notes are searchable, making me more productive and I feel better knowing I’m doing my bit for the environment”. 

Our mission for a more paperless content marketing agency goes further than just our office. When we’re creating marketing campaigns for clients we encourage them to also think about how they can cut their paper usage. If they’re in need of printed items; such as business cards or other promotional products, we work with suppliers to discover what sustainable options are available. This includes looking at delivery miles, FSC certified stock, recycled paper stock, and even vegetable ink use.

Another way we are becoming more sustainable is by supporting a local initiative, Recycling In Lancing. Their aim is to stop things from going into landfills that otherwise would. Manufacturers paying for theirs and similar products to be recycled is how they do this. Recycling in Lancing collects and sorts the correct items and sends them off. We have a separate collection bin for them in our office which means all our biscuit wrappers and crisp packets get recycled and the money raised from this goes to good causes locally so it’s a no-brainer to do it. We should point out that we do eat some healthy food during Seaside Creative lunchtimes – not much of that needs to be recycled though!

our very full collection bin for Recycling In Lancing

Our very full collection bin for Recycling In Lancing!

In recent years, we’ve helped Recycling In Lancing with their marketing efforts to help spread awareness about them within the local community. From developing and supporting their website – Recycling In Lancing, sending out newsletters to their mailing list, to creating engaging videos for their Facebook Page, we have helped them run their multi-channel marketing campaigns. We even got them into the final stages of an international competition and on BBC Breakfast news

Is going paperless actually eco-friendly?

A lot of businesses will state that they have gone paperless, but don’t consider that impact on the environment too.  Although trees may be saved, more electricity needs to be generated to go digital; which causes greenhouse gases to be emitted into the environment and cause climate change. 

This is why at Seaside Creative, we use Google Workspace – a one-stop-shop of everything you need to work productively online. Using Google Workspace decreases our use of paper and the great thing about Google is it’s carbon neutral. Yes, you read that right – Google is actually completely carbon neutral and they have been since 2007. In 2020 Google announced that it’d now compensated for all of the carbon it has ever created which is amazing news. Google Workspace also has its own video meeting platform so you can become even more eco-friendly by continuing to have virtual meetings instead of traveling somewhere.

Google Workspace is well worth considering for all-size businesses as they can become more paperless and know that their paperless efforts are carbon neutral. If you’d like to give Google Workspace a go for your business we have a code that will give you 20% off your first year! Just get in touch to find out more.

How can my business be more eco-friendly?

To help you get started here’s some useful links: 

  • Green Growth platform – a one-stop-shop for green business growth which provides and brokers support focused on developing innovations, commercialising ideas, and securing funding for businesses on a mission to protect the planet for future generations. 
  • SME Climate Hub – a global initiative that aims to create a tipping point for mainstreaming climate action and building business resilience.
  • Carbon Trust – a partner for businesses and organisations to support them in realising ambitious plans for a sustainable, low-carbon future.
  • Greater South East Energy Hub – an organisation that works with public sector organisations and their stakeholders to support the development and financing of local energy projects.
  • B-Corporation – for those who want to think even bigger and better, becoming B Corp certified is all about a company doing everything it can top to become a force for good.

Becoming more eco-friendly is a great thing to do for the future of our planet. We believe it is something that should be included in your business plan and something you should shout about – all your efforts should be recognised and used as a potential selling point. Consumers are more aware than ever about environmental issues and are more likely to choose to work with or buy from an organisation that is eco-friendly over one that isn’t – or doesn’t mention that it is. 

If you’re already doing some or all of the things mentioned in this blog post but you’re not telling your potential customers, we can help. Get in touch with us today to find out how we can help you tell your potential customers how great you are. 

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