Email Marketing

Why email marketing

Email marketing is a must in today’s marketing mix. Understanding and managing how the right email can influence a customer can increase online sales by as much as 40% – which can make an enormous difference to the bottom line for any business.   We work with clients to help them take control of their email marketing and put the right plan in place to achieve what we call the ‘5 Stages of Email Marketing’ and ultimately drive advocates to help perpetuate a virtuous circle.

We can work flexibly, acting as an outsourced email marketing department or supporting an in-house team.  However we work for you, we bring our expertise, imagination and enthusiasm to make your email marketing campaigns a success and giving you the best possible ROI.   You are then free to focus on the sales that arise from the new campaigns and also enjoy the rewards too, and who doesn’t want that?!

Example emails 

Get more people signing up to receive your emails


Turn subscribers into valued customers


Increase customer spend on extra items


Tempt them back to buy from you again


Bring dormant customers back to your checkout


Turn customers into your sales team

Campaigns that actually work

By working through the various stages of the email marketing process, we enable clients to take control of their database and maximise its potential. We can focus a campaign on just part of the process or track new customers through the entire process. The ultimate aim for any email marketing campaign must be to create advocacy and that is what we strive for when running campaigns. In addition, we only work with platforms that are GDPR compliant and are happy to recommend our tried and tested favourites. 

Possibly the most cost effective marketing you will ever do

One of the most important goals for any business is not just gaining more customers – it is gaining more of the right customers. Anyone who subscribes to receive emails from a company is, by definition, showing interest in that company and therefore becomes what is known in sales as ‘a warm lead’. So it stands to reason that encouraging as many people as possible to sign up to receive emails from your company is a positive thing to do. But once they’ve signed up, what do you do with them? Get it right and you could be repeatedly making money from them. Get it wrong and you could turn them off for life.

The right email marketing campaign does not have to take a lot of investment to run. Indeed, our monthly database and campaign management fees start at less than £500. Although you do need to choose the right email marketing platform for your business, there is no expensive complicated software to buy either. Understanding the customer, their buying habits and how they interact with your website is key to crafting the perfect emails for them and deciding when to send them. We can help our clients do that and have seen fantastic results. 

The importance of advocacy

The ultimate aim for any email marketing campaign is to create advocates. By the word ‘advocates’ we mean customers who tell others about the great service or product they’ve received from you. They become your virtual word of mouth micro-influencers. 

Advocates are your gold-plated no.1 customers and should not be undervalued. Whatever you’re selling, it’s a competitive marketplace out there and so celebrating and thanking this small special percentage of your customer-base is essential in order to maintain their loyalty. This can be done in a variety ways and we work with clients to assess which one is best for each individual business as well as their customers.

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