Website Design and Maintenance Packages

We are experts in website design, hosting and maintenance. We build websites using WordPress and you can see examples of our work below. We are here to help every client improve the success of their business and as such, we also take on existing websites that need help and make them better. If you're stuck with a website that doesn't work for you, talk to us, we can help.

Once our design work is complete, we also love to make sure that it's maintained and Google optimised, which is why we have put together our maintenance packages to cover the different types of websites we offer.

Fullers Associates - clean and refreshing

Fuller Associates approached us for a new website as the company had merged with another firm and then rebranded.

The new website was to have a new fresh appeal, show off key projects and inform about the services and expertise the company offers. We worked with Fullers to really pin down what they offered and how it could be clearly expressed on the new website.

The new website was extremely well received with many new customers appreciating the clear layout and ease of use. This has helped to improve understanding of their expertise and increase sales,

We continue to work with Fullers, hosting, updating and maintaining the website.

Fullers side by side
Print Fragrancing side by side

The Print Fragrancing Company - achieving international sales

We worked with the Print Fragrancing Company to build a new website that reflected the high-end specialist print services they offered.

We worked with the client on every aspect of the site. Designing and building the site, choosing the colour scheme, writing and optimising the text. The company was very keen to only feature genuine products that they had produced on the site so we also took, edited and optimised all the pictures used on the site.

The client was delighted with the outcome and the site has resulted in new orders from around the world, including the USA and China.

We continue to work with The Print Fragrancing Company, hosting, updating and maintaining the website.

OPL - elevating them above the competition

Telecoms company, OPL, wanted a new website to replace an old one that was far too technical in its approach. The telecoms market is hugely competitive and so OPL wanted something that was going to raise the brand above counterparts.

We listened and came up with an idea to not use product images on the site and instead focus on a series of vibrant images across the site that reflected imagination and enthusiasm. OPL was really pleased with the new look and also took advice on significantly reducing the amount of technical content in favour of focusing on the business benefits of working with them and the options available.

We continue to work with OPL, hosting, updating and maintaining the website.

OPL side by side
SME side by side

SME Advisor -  stepping in and achieving what other agencies couldn't

We did not build this website, instead we took over a failing site and made it successful.

After working with two other agencies, HR and Health & Safety experts, SME Advisor, was struggling to work with the complex functionality of their new website. We took over and discovered many insecure elements and errors within it which we then fixed.

We then ran a full audit of the website content to identify unnecessary and duplicate elements. Then, our website and content teams worked together to add new, relevant and SEO-friendly content.

Now,  we continue to manage their on-page content and blog, making sure that there's new content added to it every month. We also continue to host and maintain the website, ensure it's working correctly and fixing any bugs as and when they happen.

The client has seen a significant increase in traffic to the website and meaningful click-throughs.

Website Maintenance and Hosting Packages

We offer three levels of website maintenance packages and standalone website hosting for those who prefer to do their own website maintenance.  We work with all types of businesses large and small, looking after websites across the UK.

Our website hosting is fully secure and UK based, with global back-up.  What's more all the websites we host are backed up twice daily, so you can be safe in the knowledge that your number one digital sales window to the world is being looked after properly. If you're confident that you can update your website and just want us to host it then we can do that with our secure UK based hosting service