Meet Alison!

Alison Thomas Digital Marketing Apprentice Seaside Creative

Meet Alison!

As part of our growth plan we recently welcomed a new team member to the fold. Alison Thomas has joined us as our new Digital Marketing Apprentice and will be studying and working for us for the next 18 months before qualifying. We asked her to introduce herself…


It was in my first year of A Levels that I realised that they weren’t for me, all that writing and memorising information all for those big exams at the end of the two years. It was safe to say I’d had enough of education- or at least the form in which spending all my time in a classroom meant securing a good grade. I wanted to leave that lifestyle behind and get out into the real world instead.

Work experience in Brighton almost 2 years ago now made me realise that I wanted to get into digital marketing and social media management; there’s something about social media analytics that really interests me and I guess it always has. I had never really thought about the fact you can actually get paid to manage social media and look at the stats. It must have really rubbed off on me because 2 years later I find myself completing my A Levels and securing an apprenticeship in the exact field I fell in love with all those moons ago!

Feeling Part of the Team Already
At the time of writing, I am only on my second Monday morning with Seaside Creative and I feel very welcome and as though I have settled nicely into the team! 
I feel like I’ve learnt so much already, from important things like how to use MailChimp or Hootsuite to much smaller things like making sure I check the milk on a Monday morning! Every tiny detail is massively important to me as it is all part of the process of becoming the person I want to become in 18 months’ time: a well-rounded individual with a lot of valuable experience and a Diploma in Digital Marketing and Social Media from Greater Brighton Metropolitan college.

Being an apprentice makes me feel as though I am actively working towards my goals all the time, instead of sitting in a classroom and learning about things that don’t necessarily interest or inspire me. At the end of each work day with Seaside Creative I find myself smiling and telling my family at home all about what I’ve learnt and surprise myself with how much I remember – they have to tell me to shut up most evenings!

Just Go For It!
I would say to anyone who is currently feeling lost with what they want, or they feel as though full-time college is getting them nowhere, they should consider an apprenticeship. Yes, it may be hard work, but nothing worth having comes easy and you’ll feel so much better when you have worked hard for the position you hold and have a genuine interest in what you do! I am learning so much more in a day’s work here than I did spending a week in college.

Being able to compare my full-time role at Seaside Creative with a part time role I hold at a supermarket allows me to fully appreciate where most of my time is being spent. My work days go so much quicker with Seaside Creative as my genuine love for the job feels as though it pushes fast forward on time. I still can’t believe I’m on my second week already! But that direct comparison really motivates me to make it in this digital marketing world or in anything that I have a passion for because, to be completely honest, life is too short to be spending the majority of your time doing a job that makes your days feel twice as long as they are!

As part of my role here at Seaside Creative, I will be writing a regular blog about what I’m learning and the sort of things I’m getting up to. It’s exciting to think people will be following my journey, so I hope you will join me! Sign up for our newsletter for regular updates from the whole of the Seaside Creative team.

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