Client Chat: Becca Dilnot, Warnes Projects

Client Chat: Becca Dilnot, Warnes Projects

Becca Dilnot of Warnes ProjetctWelcome to the second of our Client Chat interviews. Our first with Tony Hedger was very popular and we’re sure you’ll enjoy this one too!

Let’s say ‘hello’ to Becca from Warnes Projects.

Name: Becca Dilnot

Business: Warnes Projects

Tell us in one sentence what your business does: Warnes Projects is a client-focused fit-out and refurbishment specialist, concentrating on the commercial, industrial and education sectors across the UK.

Where is your business located? Ford, Arundel  

Have you always worked in this type of business? If not, what else have you done? I started at Warnes Projects in January 2020 after graduating in July 2019 with a Bachelors degree in Geography from the University of Portsmouth.

Have you read anything good recently, whether for fun, work or both?  I like to read self-help/motivational books such as Happy by Ferne Cotton and Eat That Frog by Brian Tracy. I have also recently indulged in some Martina Cole books, very gripping! 

What’s your greatest achievement, whether at work or personally? I would say getting a First in my degree, I was so passionate about my studies and worked very hard, it was a great accomplishment! 

If you could invite four guests for a long lunch, who would you invite and why? Where you go for your lunch? I would invite Leonardo DiCaprio because I would love to talk about his experiences as an actor and discuss his passion for the environment and climate change (like mine). 

Martin Luther King would be my next guest, I feel that with the situation going on at the moment, it would be so insightful and informative to hear from such an important leader during one of the biggest civil rights movements. 

Grace Beverley, otherwise known as Grace Fit, who launched gym equipment brand and sustainable fitness label while studying at university. She is very passionate about her businesses while ensuring sustainable and ethical practices in everything she does. 

And finally, Jacinda Ardern, Prime Minister of New Zealand as I feel she is a great leader with such strong values. 

I would go for lunch at an Italian restaurant with a lovely view of the countryside or the beach. 

If you could be transported to anywhere right now, where would it be (and without any quarantine restrictions!) and why? It would have to be New Zealand – my friends parents live out there and have invited a group of us to visit. We have a plan to rent an RV and explore the islands. Fingers crossed we can go soon!

Thanks Becca for another set of fascinating responses, and congratulations on your degree; a First is always an achievement worth recognising!

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