Why Should I Join A Membership Organisation?

Membership organisation

Why Should I Join A Membership Organisation?

It’s very common for businesses to display lots of membership badges somewhere on their website; wearing them with pride for all to see. But what exactly are the benefits of all of these memberships?

The truth is, like a lot of other things in the business world, it doesn’t pay to be involved in everything. So it’s important to do your research and find out which communities are going to be the most beneficial for you to be involved in. These benefits will differ from business to business; we’ve listed three benefits that a business can get from being a member of a group, community or association. 

The benefits of being a member of an association:

  • Networking opportunities
    There are many organisations that offer networking events to their members so that members get an opportunity to win business from or with fellow members. Networking is often not the only benefit an organisation may offer, but it could be the reason a business joins. For Seaside Creative, being a member of organisations such as the Worthing and Adur Chamber of Commerce is an opportunity for us to be known in our local business community. Learn how you can improve your networking skills here.
  • Improve credibility
    Being part of a credible organisation can improve a business’ reputation. In the marketing industry, an individual being educated by the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) can make them a CIM certified marketer. Having that title could improve their employment rate and boost the reputation of the business they work for. 
  • Get early bird prices
    Many organisations offer their members the opportunity to get first access to tickets for events and often allowing their members a discounted price. If a business wins clients through attending expos, or maybe wants more training, this benefit can be really helpful. 


All in all there are lots of different benefits of different member organisations. What one business thinks is well worth the money, is another business’ waste of money. It’s important to research the different organisations and find out what it is they offer their members. Some organisations, such as the Sussex Chamber of Commerce, offer a tiered system – bronze, silver and gold – which means your business may not have to pay a huge amount to get the benefits it needs. 

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