Online Presence Has Never Been So Important

Online Presence Has Never Been So Important

Online Presence Has Never Been So Important

In these times of uncertainty, when many people are working from home and events are being cancelled, networking clubs are being ill-attended and meetings postponed. Many questions arise, the main one being, ‘what does this all mean for my business?’

Here at Seaside Creative, we have a strong belief in the phrase ‘every cloud has a silver lining’. So we asked ourselves ‘what are the positives to the situation and could there even be opportunities? 

At this time, there could potentially be more traffic to your website and social media than ever, as people are spending more and more time online. Make sure you make the most of this increased traffic by ensuring your online channels are at their best. That way, the connection between your business and potential customers is still high. Now would be a great opportunity to boost your digital efforts.

There have been studies that date back to almost a century ago which point out the advantages of maintaining or even increasing marketing budgets during a weaker economy. We understand that while this isn’t quite a weak economy scenario, it is a time of crisis and it is important to advertise throughout good and bad times.

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Social media is one of the first places potential customers go to see updates about a business, in fact, 66% of Facebook users say they Like or Follow a brand on the platform.  Therefore; having an engaging social feed can allow potential customers to feel a connection with you, even if all of your employees are working from home.

Another great way to keep potential customers engaged for longer is with video. Ensuring video content is engaging and informative allows people to still interact with your business and learn about what you can offer them – even if they are working from home.

From an employers’ point of view, not having team members in the office does not need to mean that there is a lack of communication between them. There are plenty of online services which allow users to be in contact. Why not try video calling each other on Skype? If video calling isn’t for you there are plenty of collaborative tools which allow teams to work together in a virtual space; such as Slack.

There are lots of ways communication can continue even when people are not physically together; which includes keeping in touch with potential customers. 

If you have a strong presence online, connection will not be lost between your business and potential customers. So if you’re in need of help with your online marketing strategy, get in touch with us today. We’d love to help you keep in front of the people who matter – whether offline or online!

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