Alison writes – week 3 – learning from Trump!

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Alison writes – week 3 – learning from Trump!

My experience of being a marketer is very limited…
but I’ve spent most of my life being marketed to!


Being brought up in the digital age means that I have been the subject to countless marketing campaigns- always trying to sell me things and make me think a certain way. I am certainly looking at the news a bit differently now, take the recent Trump visit for example; The media only reflected on the poor way in which he handled certain things and which served to highlight the view that he is an irresponsible leader. A good example was him walking in front of the Queen, which demonstrated a lack of protocol preparation on his part and which, many thought showed a lack of respect for the UK as a country. But that’s why the media reported the story in the first place, because they know people to have strong opinions on the US President for one reason or another and Trump stories get attention.

President Trump blocks Queen Elizabeth II

Not much protocol followed here!

If you look at the press for the Trump visit as a whole, it becomes very clear that there very few positive articles were written, but in this fast moving world things are forgotten very quickly. Trump flew on to Helsinki and became besties with Vladimir Putin and then suddenly swiftly wasn’t again – I mean who even remembers his visit to the UK?

So maybe being part of the digital generation is why I now find myself on the opposite end of those campaigns, spending most of my time thinking up new ways to appeal to consumers both for Seaside Creative and its clients.

In my short time here, I am now beginning to understand just how many tools are out there and how no two digital marketing strategies are the same! One of the many things I would like to achieve within the 18 months of my apprenticeship with Seaside Creative, is to grow my knowledge in marketing strategies and also the world of analytics and how they can be a huge help to marketing success.

The marketing world is all very new to me and there is so much to learn and get to grips with, especially as it is changing almost every day. But that’s exactly what makes this industry so exciting, no two days are the same and everything is constantly evolving for the better (or worse- your call)!

It’s so interesting to now learn about what goes on behind the scenes of digital campaigns and what the theory is behind them. Millions of people are at the receiving end of these campaigns but not many are actually able to get behind them and see the inner workings of them. In fact, it’s hard to believe sometimes that behind every ad or company social media post, there is a person, or even a team of people, putting it together and proof reading it multiple times before they make it public!

What have I been up to?

So, a couple of weeks ago I was looking into ways of improving a client’s social media- asking myself what an easy way to add a splash of colour and variation to a feed is. It didn’t take me long to realise that one way is in fact images! I got to work quickly, creating a range of different images to showcase some of the amazing activities the care home client has to offer, collating them all in a folder ready to then be scheduled in Hootsuite to go out at a later date.

descriptive marketing image

One of the images I have created for use with our social media

One of the ongoing tasks I have been given responsibility for is updating the social media plan for Seaside Creative, trying to ensure that there is a variety of content ready to go out on our social media so that we’re frequently active and engaging the right markets. Of course, all my work is overseen by the directors here, but they tell me I’m doing well so far, which is great to hear 😊

I also did some reading up into how to market to the right people and how different factors play different roles in ensuring the effectiveness of marketing. I’ve been working with tools like Mailchimp and Hootsuite and using their resource centres to learn from as well as learning by doing. I’ve also made a start on Google Digital Garage which has already helped expand my knowledge about website creation and how a good website can be amazing for a business. I feel this will be really useful as I move into working on clients’ website content updates and analytics.

I have also been lucky enough to attend different events from Client launch parties to networking sessions and exhibitions all around Sussex. This has meant I’ve met a huge range of people including photographers, business owners and journalists.

I hope you will continue to read my little updates and join me on my journey to becoming a qualified member of the industry! If you’d like updates and advice from Seaside Creative, we’d love it if you signed up for our newsletter. 

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