Business Awards and how to win them

Business Awards and how to win them

Warning – this blog may blow our own trumpet!

We are biting our nails this week as we have 4 clients shortlisted for 8 awards at a business awards ceremony being held on Friday. #gulp

Business awards are a great thing to win – who doesn’t want to be known as ‘award-winning’? The positive publicity to be garnered from winning such a thing can last for years and we always recommend to clients that they look at entering either local business awards or industry relevant ones.

Over the past 5 years, we have worked in the background supporting clients with their award entries and we have been quite successful at it. Until last month we had achieved 13 finalists, resulting in 6 winners, 4 highly commended and 3 regional winners in the Adur & Worthing and also the Southern Business Awards. Pretty good stats, even if we do say so ourselves.

This success has built up a bit of a reputation for us locally – and this year we were approached by 6 companies to help them with entries. We actually had to turn two away as we had already agreed to work with other firms on a particular category and we didn’t feel it was right to have clients competing for exactly the same award.

We were then blown away to find out that all 4 clients had been shortlisted in 2 categories each! Of course, there’s never any guarantee of winning – but we are still chuffed to bits with that for our clients. Judging panels often take hours and hours going through finer details on entries that interest them and so all you can do is include as much relevant detail as possible and hope they like your entry the most.

So what is our process when writing award entries?

  1. We discuss, encourage and research what we think will work for that particular award/category.
  2. We then produce written and visual content, there is always straight text involved, but more often than not entries now include, photography, infographics, maps and even video too. Draft and draft again!
  3. Finally we put it all together in a concise entry that fits the brief. It’s not an easy thing to do. Quite often the client wants to win a certain category and doesn’t see that perhaps their story is more relevant for a different one. Some clients don’t even see how they could even enter – let alone win!

So do wish us and our clients luck this week and if you need any help with award entries then we would love to help you too #keepingeverythingcrossed

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