The Google Maps ‘Follow Button’

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The Google Maps ‘Follow Button’

Google is constantly bringing out and getting rid of features on it’s services and as professional marketers; it is the Seaside Creative Team’s responsibility to keep on top of them all. Not only for business, but often for their own curiosity too!

Since the archiving of Google+, Google has been working on a similar product to be incorporated into their existing services. Which is this new ‘Follow’ button on Google Maps which is brought to users for free; after ‘following’ a business on Google maps, users will receive updates about them that the business itself posts.
It is important to note that only the business themselves can see people that are following them; the businesses a user follows is not visible to anyone else.


The new follow button is a lot like Google+ as it creates engagement on the Google platform and allows content to be shared and posted.
The content produced for Google Maps briefly appears on Google search in the knowledge graph. 

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A screenshot displaying Google Maps on an iOS device.

So what are the benefits of this for my business?

The bottom line is that it is another avenue for marketing your products or services to your potential customers.
Unlike the mainstream forms of marketing, however; people have actively shown an interest in your business by hitting the follow button. Therefore; you have already gained their interest and attention and the chances are they will be engaged in updates that you post as they have consciously asked for them.

On top of this; a business has the opportunity to have a Google Map listing 3 months before the complex itself is due to open. Not only can this opportunity be used to boost awareness of the business, but it also means that consumers can know exactly when the actual place is due to open; creating the chance of massive footfall in the business’ opening months.

Overall; the For You tab on Google maps in a brand new way for consumers to get recommendations from Google via the map app. Not only is this great for consumers to have all recommendations in one place, it is also a fantastic opportunity for marketers to target consumers.
Although the service is completely free for the business owner to use, finding the time and remembering to keep your business’ updates frequent can be hard to juggle.

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