Knowledge is Power!

Seaside Creative Kelly O'Haire delivers a training session

Knowledge is Power!

Having a lot of knowledge in our field is great for us, but it feels even better to share that knowledge. This is exactly what we’ve been doing recently, working with both Worthing and Adur Chamber of Commerce as well as businesses to run training sessions.

Worthing and Adur Chamber of Commerce offers training sessions led by local experts called ‘WiseUp2’ sessions. Both of our Directors have offered up their own expertise on many occasions through running their own WiseUp2 sessions. In fact, Kelly has one coming up soon

Seaside Creative offers a complete service to its clients, so whether you need help with writing, websites, digital marketing or photography and video, our team have the expertise. Which is why the sessions that we run for the Chamber are so diverse.

The approach we take with our training sessions is often hands on, we love to get the people attending interacting and trying out the skills they are learning right there and then. 

Recently, our Director Martin Bloomfield took along a selection of his recording equipment to a WiseUp2 training session he was running on how to use smartphones to create video for social media. Having the equipment there allowed people to try it out for themselves. By the end of the session everyone had the opportunity to get a hands on learning experience. 

Within the last week, Kelly and Alison have been delivering training sessions to a local organisation that wanted to train its staff in social media marketing. This was a great opportunity for Alison, our digital marketing assistant, to share her expert Instagram knowledge and get to grips with running a training session. 

Even though we love to share our knowledge, we also need to brush up on our own skills from time to time. At Seaside Creative, we often attend training sessions ourselves and become students again! We never shy away from learning a new skill, or brushing up on a current one – #NeverStopLearning!

If you’re looking for training across any marketing sphere of expertise, we can most likely cover it. Our sessions are delivered bespoke to clients’ needs. What’s your marketing pain point? Let us help get rid of it. Contact us today. If you’re not quite ready for training or other help just yet you can sign up to our email newsletter so you’ll get all our help and advice delivered monthly.

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