3 Ways To Support A Small Local Business

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3 Ways To Support A Small Local Business

If everyone in Lancing (approx. 20,000 people) spent £5 with a local business, that would equate to £100,000 being put into the local business economy. Putting smiles on small business owners’ faces and making their Christmas that little bit brighter.

We’re all guilty of spending our hard earned money at bigger shops which seem to offer better deals and more choice. But what about the small businesses in your local area. How can you support them this Christmas?

Everyone can appreciate that money can be tight in the Christmas season and so spending money with your local small businesses may not be possible. That’s why we’ve composed our top three ways to support a small local business online for this Small Business Saturday (7th December).

  1. Shout them out on social media
    Most of us are aware of just how important a business’ online presence is. Just by writing a social media post about the business you want to support can boost that presence for them. 
  2. Write a review for them
    Following on from the online presence boosting, boost their online reputation by writing them a review. Online reviews play a crucial part in the customer journey. In fact, online reviews impact 67% of consumers’ purchase decisions!
  3. Post a photo of the business on Google
    Research shows that adding photos to a Google My Business listing boosts the customer actions taken. More people request directions, call the business and visit their website. 

If you could do just one of these things for a small local business in your area, it’ll make a world of difference to them – trust us! We work with a  number of small businesses who get positively impacted by small online gestures. 

If you’re a small local business looking for help and advice with your marketing, we’d be happy to talk to you! Drop us a line for an informal chat.

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