Alison writes… Starting College – Again!


Alison writes… Starting College – Again!

Well after just over a 3 month break from college, I am going back. Except this time to a higher education college instead of a sixth form so it’ll be a new experience for me. I’m excited to meet loads of new people who are also on the same course and hopefully share the same passion for the subject.

From speaking to my new tutor, I understand that GBMet College has a relaxed approach to delivering the course. Being a more independent learner that appreciates having freedom, this is an approach that I feel will benefit me more. Especially since I am doing a course that I have great ambition to be successful in.

The Digital Marketing apprenticeship framework itself has both mandatory and optional units, some based in the workplace and others in the college, which I’ll be keen to utilise to my full advantage by making sure I learn about the key elements that apply to my role at Seaside Creative.

During the introductory meeting at my workplace, my new tutor gave me a full folder with all the units within the framework. Many of which interest me and I am looking forward to studying – which is a good start!

There are a diverse range of students currently on the apprenticeship scheme, all from completely different companies from website developers to garden tool suppliers. There will be lots of interesting people to meet and talk to regarding their experiences in their work placement- there are two apprentices actually in the same building as me.

Many of the people on the course have made more progress than me so this will mean I’ll have the opportunity to seek help from my peers – something that my tutor appears keen for me to do as he has said that he likes to build a sense of community within his classroom.


So what have I been up to?

I’ve been getting increasingly involved in the design side of the agency, working with one of our designers to provide a restaurant client with new menu designs for the festive period… yes we really are thinking about Christmas!

The process of going from an idea to an actual menu that a restaurant can use is very interesting and all new to me so I am thoroughly enjoying getting involved in this project.

Instruction manuals have been at the forefront of our minds this last couple of weeks, with our Director of photography and video, Martin working hard on creating multiple manuals and video tutorials for an outside storage space client.

Watching projects like this unfold make me realise that products like manuals also go through an extensive process to make, something I never considered before. Manuals and leaflets are all pieces of print media that many of us just pick up and read without any thought about how they were made or even who made them.

Worthing and Adur Chamber of Commerce held a Business Awards talk which myself and Martin attended. It was the first time I had gone along to an event with my camera to snap some photos and actually had someone ask me for my photos and even took our business details down.

Working with Seaside Creative means that I get to really look at the production of these kind of products and start appreciating where they are from and the skill that goes into creating them.

I’ve kept a weekly development log since my first week at Seaside Creative and I would highly recommend doing that as it really helps you keep track of how much progress you’ve made.

Jotting down everything from, a big project you helped with or a small task you completed on your own, means that you can get a holistic view on the progress you’ve made and how much you’ve developed since starting the log. Sometimes the smaller, more seemingly pointless things at the time, become the bigger achievements in the long run and develop into more useful skills later on.

I’m excited about the next few weeks and what they hold for me in terms of starting college and progressing even more with my skills and knowledge surrounding  Digital Marketing. Everyday presents new challenges and people to meet so I look forward to the ever-growing experience I am gaining with Seaside Creative.

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