Factors To Consider When Taking Photos


Factors To Consider When Taking Photos

We have been taking pictures and filming all over the place this month. We have been in fields, at schools, in rooms full of people and even inside metal containers – yep we get all the glamorous locations!

It doesn’t matter where we are or what we take pictures of, there are some factors that we always consider and we thought you’d like to know some of them:

Think about your framing. 

Landscape (or view), Portrait (or upright) or now, if you’re an Instagramer, square. We see so many people using their smartphone camera in the upright mode in situations landscape would work better.


Upright photography

shoreham-coronation-green-seagulls-being-fed-2Or does the landscape work better?

Think about photo bombers

Taking group photos can throw up a lot of small issues, most of which can be rectified before the image is taken. However; photo bombing is one that gets noticed in the post production stage.



Innocent group photo


Or is it?

Think about the exposure  

OK, most smartphones have an auto exposure mode, which means users don’t get much of a chance to alter the settings.

What’s important in this photograph, the corridor?

or the light through the window?

Try taping the screen to the area in the frame that matters most.   The dark area or the light area and the camera will usually readjust the exposure to where you have just touched.  With newer smartphones, there is a setting known as HDR – High Dynamic Range where the camera will try to blend the high lights (white areas) and low lights (the dark areas) to create a more even exposure.

The cloister corridor leading from the dining room to the school building of Lancing College.


Think about how the image will be cropped, if at all

Cropping the images can be a good idea to create impact and cut the clutter from an image.


Going back to the first photograph and editing the image to square can be good.  There are loads of apps to use if your smartphone doesn’t do what you want it to do with the photo.  One particular favourite of ours is SnapSeed (now taken over by Google and is available for both Android and iPhone).  This enables users to enhance photos and apply digital filters.  

Think about if text will be over the image

Text over the image is a popular for business –  it’s gets the message across very quickly.  Snapseed has a good range of text overlays otherwise another useful app for this is Over  – Fast and effective with some simple templates to use.

sScotch eggs by Eat Food Love Food

Cup of coffee on a table at the Perch Lancing


If you want help with your photography and post capture work, we regularly run training courses in conjunction with the Worthing and Adur Chamber of Commerce. Check out what’s coming up soon on their website. We’ll also include details in our monthly newsletter which you can sign up for here.

Alternatively, you can contact us to see how we can help you today.

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