How to Manage your Social Media During Widespread Crisis

How to Manage your Social Media During Widespread Crisis

With many companies furloughing marketing teams and creative staff recently, or – let’s face it – just having more to think about than the next social media post, we’ve noticed a lot of company feeds going dormant over the last couple of months. 

If you’ve been either unable to manage your social media recently or have been concerned about saying the wrong thing, it’s never too late to get started (or re-started!). 

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For all of us, community has become even more important. We’re all going through this unusual experience, albeit in different ways. People still want to feel connected to their communities – whether family, geography, work/education or interest-based – and social media is certainly one way to achieve this.

Think about what’s important to your audience (or community).

As with any topical social media content, what you post should be in line with your company’s values and relevant to your business too. It’s imperative that whatever you say does need to be of interest to your audience. We know things are probably tough for your business at the moment but your audience doesn’t need to know that. Think about how you can provide a useful service to your customers rather than go in for the sell. This may not literally be a service you provide but something that gives your customers a happy feeling. 

Try to focus on positive (but not smug) news.

If you’ve been able to work with someone to help another person or set of people out, that’s great. Let people know. Now is a time to celebrate good news but also be mindful that there are lots of not-great things happening too. You don’t want to be rubbing people’s noses in it.

Remain human and approachable.

We’re talking social media here, folks. Don’t copy and paste your corporate statement. Imagine you’re delivering this information face-to-face; how would you say it to someone who was sat in front of you?

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 Be clear.

Ensure you use easy-to-understand language and are clear in your meaning (ok:  this one applies all the time!).

Do think about what you’re posting.

Take a few minutes to go through any messages that may have been scheduled earlier this year to make sure they’re still appropriate. With changes to what we’re allowed to do happening on a weekly basis, you’ll need to keep an ongoing eye on your planned content.

Avoid giving your opinion.

Whether on the latest government advice, statistics or on how others have behaved (except when it’s something clearly good. See above point about good news!). Opinions can be polarising. Sometimes this is good (for example if you’re looking for feedback on a new product or service), but you don’t want to risk offending or alienating people. We’re trying to build relationships and a positive brand experience here, not irritate and anger people!

Online presence for many businesses has been moved up a level during the Covid-19 crisis. While you may not have the time or budget to be proactively marketing your business at the moment, it is essential that you do use your online channels to interact with your customers. That means keeping on top of all messages, posts or tweets, and answering questions and enquiries quickly and fully.

Whatever your ability to manage your social media right now, do make sure you have made it clear what is happening with your business. Are you still operating? If so, what sort of service can people expect? Leave it at that, and update as and when the situation changes.


If you feel like you’re missing a trick on social media, and want a dynamic online presence for your business, talk to us. We have a variety of flexible ways we can manage social media for you, depending on your aims, audiences and budget.  We can even train your in-house team too.

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