Staff spotlight: Alison Thomas, Marketing Assistant

Staff spotlight: Alison Thomas, Marketing Assistant

Alison Thomas Digital Marketing Apprentice Seaside CreativeWelcome to the newest instalment of our interviews with the team here at Seaside Creative. Next up is Alison who may not be the newest member of the team but is certainly the youngest!

Name:  Alison Thomas

What do you do at Seaside Creative?  I am a marketing assistant specialising in Digital Marketing. I look after the social media accounts for our clients as well as email campaigns. Sometimes I help with other things too; such as writing press releases and providing website support.

Have you always worked in this type of business? If not, what else have you done?  No, this is my first marketing role. Prior to this I worked in retail which I am still doing now especially during this time when supermarkets need extra people to help the running of the shop. Most of my time at the moment is spent on the front door and making sure there are a limited number of customers in the store. 

Do you have any workplace rituals?  Not particularly. I’m probably most known for changing my desk around a lot as I like to change things up a bit every now and then!

Tell us an interesting but little known fact about you…  I was born with a submucous cleft palate which is basically a split at the top of the mouth which is then covered by the mucous membrane (the lining of the roof of the mouth). It caused some problems for me, including a speech impediment. Thankfully, I had it corrected at the age of 10, but it was a fairly new procedure then so I had lots of Doctors and Surgeons take a keen interest in me because of it… I was basically the guinea pig!

Where do you see yourself in five years time?  Further up the career ladder as I plan to further my education in marketing. Hopefully I’ll be out of retail work too. 

Have you read anything good recently, whether for fun, work or both? 

I am currently reading The Wolf of Wall Street. I loved the The Wolf of Wall Street coverfilm and the book is even better. I love Jordan Belfort’s thinking and finding out how he became The Wolf of Wall Street so hearing his story through his own words is interesting and makes for a good read.




The Tattooist of Auschwitz coverI’ve also read The Tattooist of Auschwitz and Cilka’s Journey – the sequel – recently. They are very good books and show first-hand what the prisoners at those death camps went through.




What’s your greatest achievement, whether at work or personally?  That’s got to be being shortlisted for Young Achiever of the Year at the Adur and Worthing Business Awards last year. I really was not expecting that!

If you could invite four guests for a long lunch, who would you invite and why? Where you go for your lunch? 

Jordan Belfort because, as I said earlier, I think he’s such an interesting man and would have a lot of life experiences to share.

Elton John, again, a very interesting man with a lot of life experience to share. I loved Rocketman and plan to see him at the 02 in December – I’m hoping I still can after everything that’s happened recently.

Edith Eger, an Auschwitz survivor. I read her book (The Choice) after The Tattooist of Auschwitz and the sequel to it. I would love to meet a survivor and hear them talk about their experience.

Ed Sheeran simply because I’ve been a fan of his for a very long time and love his music. He’s a very talented guy yet so down to earth and I think he’d have great conversation.

As for the venue, Shaka Zulu – it’s a South African restaurant that is actually underneath Camden Market. It has an equally interesting menu too!

If you could be transported to anywhere right now, where would it be (and without any quarantine restrictions!)?  Ghana! I’ve never been and I’ve always wanted to see their wildlife. I’d also like to try the Ghanaian cuisine as I haven’t yet, but it all looks so good. I have a friend who has family there so maybe I’ll have to beg her to take me in her suitcase when she next visits.

Another excellent set of responses, again revealing facts about our team that even the other members didn’t know! 

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